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Designed in Australia by George Green and the Trailquip team (Patented Worldwide)

  • Can be fitted in under 10 minutes
  • Use of existing Truck & Trailer Air Supply
  • 100% Failsafe Design Inexpensive to purchase
  • Light Weight Robust Construction
  • Minimal mounting parts
  • No electrical power or wires Uses minimal air pressure
  • Weather and contamination proof audio device
  • Does not interfere with any ADR requirement
  • Indestructible steel braided high temperature Teflon tubing
  • System actuates when the brake pads have 4mm wear left to go
  • Stops expensive replacement costs when wear pads damage rotors and calipers

The Control unit connects to the maxi port using a tee junction. When the maxi brake is released air flows into the control valve, simultaneously pressurizing the brake pad wear sensors. The brake pad wear sensor is activated, when there is 4mm of brake pad remaining. At this stage, the wear sensor is worn open and the pressure is then lowered on the sensor tube which causes the shuttle in the control unit to close off the air supply to the wear sensors. Air is then redirected and throttled into the integrated whistle which emits a loud noise to warn the driver or the maintenance staff that the pads are worn and need replacement. The whistle device is bright red in colour to perform a visual warning.

Part Number Caliper Kit
ABS-WD121W19 WABCO 19.5
ABS-WD121K19 KNORR 19.5
ABS-WD121H19 HALDEX 19.5
ABS-WD121W22 WABCO 22.5
ABS-WD121K22 KNORR 22.5
ABS-WD121H22 HALDEX 22.5


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