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1 1 EA9730090100 Trailer Control Valve
2 2 CA93-32 Female Coupling Seal
3 1 CA93-93 Male Adapter Seal
4 1 33-A420 Manifold
5 1 AA278825 Synchro Valve
6 1 AA90554107 Overflow Valve
7 1 EAAC156C Pressure Reducing Valve
8 1 AA278614 Double Check – Bendix 3/8

This kit is designed to provide trailer air control & supply in accordance with the FUNCTIONAL requirements of ADR35/01 – in particular

  • ADR35/01 Clause 5.1.8 (polarised trailer air line couplings)
  • ADR35/01 Clause 5.2.4 (trailer supply line low pressure warning)
    Trailer supply line air is drawn from both truck service tanks via double check, so air loss will trigger truck low pressure warning.
  • ADR35/01 Clause 5.3.5 (trailer park brakes apply with truck) Trailer supply line vents via SV1 synchro from truck park valve.
  • ADR35/01 Clause 5.5.8 (retention of truck braking if trailer separates) PR3 prevents loss of truck air pressure below 400KPa.
  • ADR35/01 Clause 5.5.9 (trailer control from both truck circuits) Trailer control signal via integral double checks in TP5 valve.

NOTE: certain PERFORMANCE requires of ADR35/01 are influenced by OE truck equipment specifications, which vary with make and model, & thus can only be validated by testing or analysis of each modified vehicle in particular…

  • ADR35/01 Clause (air compressor capacity) Larger capacity compressor may be require to cope with the additional volume of trailer air tanks.
  • ADR35/01 Clause 8.17.8 (apply & release times) Application & release times at the trailer control coupling are influenced b the pneumatic characteristics of the original vehicle air system as much as by the additional components which form this kit. Times can only be validated by testing the modified vehicle. If times are too slow, additional valving may be required.
  • ADR35/01 Clauses & 8.18.2 (service brake compatibility) Service brake compaibility, or the relationship between trailer control coupling pressure and truck retardation, is influenced by the pneumatic characteristics of the original vehicle air system as much as by the additional components which form this kit. This kit will deliver pressure to the trailer control coupling within 10KPa of foot valve delivery pressure. Relationship between foot valve delivery pressure & truck retardation shpould therefore be assessed by obtaining relevant data from the truck manufacturer.

Please note that due to the variables involved, Air Brake Services cannot accept responsibility for compliance with the PERFORMANCE requirements of ADR35/01 as outlined above. These should be validated by testing, or assessment of data obtained from the truck manufacturer.

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