Load Proportioning Levelling System

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  • For use with axle lift system on spring suspension vehicles
1 1 EA463084000 Axle Lift Manual Up Auto Down
2 1 EA478003010 Proportioning Valve
3 7 AB001 Air Bag
4 1 EA4325000200 Lift Air Bag
5 1 AA90554107 Pressure Protection Valve
6 1 JUMBO Air Tank 60L


Control Valve Port Description

  • Port 1 = Supply
  • Port 20 = To Lazy Axle Lift Air Bag/ Lift Chamber
  • Port 21 = Tee from Left Side Air Bag
  • Port 22 = To Left Lazy Axle Air Bag
  • Port 23 = Tee from Right Side Air Bag
  • Port 24 = To Right Lazy Axle Air Bag
  • Port 41 = Plugged

Important Note:

Proportioning valve to be set up to ensure the weight on the vehicle is evenly distributed between the axles. This is preferably done on a weigh bridge, with different weight put on the vehicle. The proportioning valve will need to be checked regularly.

Failure of the valve will cause the weight of the vehicle to be distributed unevenly and may result in the failure of the axles.

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